Top Boat Maintenance Tips

Numerous things can go wrong aboard a boat. We cannot cover everything. No one could. But you can use these tips for a guaranteed smooth start as you sail. These steps also avoid costly repairs.

Wash Your Boat Regularly

If you use your boat in salt water make sure to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every use. Salt subsidies sticking to the hull can damage it if not cleaned off. Ensure that you clean the boat both inside and out. Cleaning it outside is especially important. make sure to use soaps and cleaners made specifically for boats.

Propeller and Oil

motor oilIt is good to change motor oil after every 100 hours you use the boat. Besides the normal boats, four stroke outboards and stern drive boats require regular oil changes and propeller checks. Secure the propeller nut by using a deep socket.

You will find a discarded fishing line when removing the propeller from the boat. Make sure the discarded fishing line had not wrapped the propeller shaft. Approach a mechanic if you find a gear-case leak as you can’t fix it with minimal tools. You also want to inspect the propeller for dents and nicks. Apply enough waterproof grease frequently on the propeller shaft. Make sure you install the hardware in the same order that you removed it. Never forget to put the pin on the outboard back in its place. The pin holds the outboard and the propeller together. Without the pin the arrangement can easily become dismantled with a small gush of water.

Removing Dents

Removing dents are crucial to boat maintenance. An unattended dent can cause your sailboat to capsize while sailing. When the waves approach they overload the goat and the equally spread weight on the boat changes. This leads to a reduction in buoyancy that can cause your boat to capsize.