The Most Dangerous Sailing Spots in The World

There are quite a few dangerous parts of the ocean where you should never consider sailing no matter how experienced you are. Let’s take a look at a few of the most dangerous places where you could sail in the world:

Gulf of Guinea

Over the last few years, this place has managed to take over Somalia as the most dangerous location to sail. It is becoming more and more dangerous as time goes by. Attack rates from pirates have increased quite a bit recently and the nature of such attacks are quite alarming too. They’re becoming more and more violent and a regular occurrence too. Governments across the West and South of Africa have been working together with the EU (European Union) in order to improve safety here.

Cape Horn

This is a southern part in South America just off the Hornos Islands. It is the northern boundary for the Drake Passage and is very dangerous because of the harsh weather conditions there. It’s considered to be very dangerous because of the strong winds, icebergs and rough currents that make sailing there quite difficult.


Over the last couple of years, piracy rates in Indonesia have soared. The nature of the attacks here include robbery and violence as well.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda TriangleThe mystery of this area remains unsolved till this day. The only thing we know for sure is that you should never venture anywhere near here. A lot of hurricanes and tropical storms travel through here at some point and the weather conditions here are quite harsh. Even though there isn’t any proof of magical powers at play here, it is recommended that you stay away.


So if you were planning on passing through any of these areas in the near future perhaps it is best for you to rethink your sailing strategy and find another route.