Popular Irish Boat Names

Naming a boat is quite a fascinating task. No matter how much time and energy is spent on other activities, it is the naming process of the boat which always ends up being the most entertaining part of any purchase. It’s particularly interesting to know that the boat naming practice today is still as highly revered as it was back in the day. People may believe that the names that could be given to boats have been exhausted but this is far from the truth. Almost anyone you come across today will surely be able to tell you about a few boat names that they have heard in their life.

Names of film stars, cartoon characters, royalty, countries, villages, cities, towns, the stars, heavens, planets and mythology can all be used for naming a boat.

Irish Boat NamesSo how does one go about this tricky business? Naming a new boat isn’t that hard. You just go with what sounds good. What’s even trickier is the serious business of renaming a boat. The name you go with has to be great while also being a worthy successor to the previous name. That just makes it that much harder.

There are a lot of people who wonder about Irish boat names. There are so many great ones around and if you visit Ireland you will see that every boat has a unique name with a lot of meaning behind it. Here are a few of the best Irish boat names in the world today:

  • David’s Star
  • An Bradan Feasa (The salmon of knowledge- Taken from Irish folklore)
  • Iolar na Mara (The eagle of the sea)
  • Ocean Wanderer
  • Caroline Marie
  • Beal Inse (The entrance to the island)
  • Agnes Olibhear (This is the Irish form of the name Oliver)
  • Eamon Maria
  • Beal Bocht (Refers to poor mouth, a book by Flann O’Brien)
  • Castor et Pollux
  • Nicolisa
  • Joan of Arc
  • An Faoilean (Seagull)