License Needed To Sail In Ireland

Ireland regulates recreational boats in Ireland in different ways. They are especially governed by safety laws. There are different licenses for different boats like fishing boats, commercial boats and private vessels. They are governed by the sailing association of Ireland.

Pleasure Craft

A pleasure craft is defined as a boat used for recreational purposes. It also covers private vessels. If the craft is to carry more than 12 people, whether it’s small or big, you must obtain a separate license.

The life jackets in the boats must get a CE certificate before using. If the life jackets do not have a CE certificate during an inspection it is more likely that you will be fined. Everyone onboard and of height less than 23 feet tall have to wear their life jackets. If not, you may face serious charges.

Separate papers are required with the signature of the owner and the user if vessels are hired by third parties. People under 12 must get special permission to operate a sailboat. A special license is required to use electrical devices that operate above 3.7 KW. Anyone not following these rules are considered offenders and charged on the spot with a fine of 150 Euros. Serious drug and alcohol issues may also be prosecuted in district courts.

Radio Installations

boat radioEvery boat that weighs more than 300 tons must have a radio installed that’s compliant with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. The radio should be highly capable of multi-tasking. It should both transmit and receive alerts, messages and meteorological information. The radio license is issued by the MRAu.

All the application forms for the licenses mentioned can be downloaded from the citizen information site of Ireland launched by Ireland’s government. It is crucial to have all licenses required if you are going to sail in Ireland.