Approaching Dublin Harbour by Sailboat

The locals say that Dublin port authorities have little interest in small craft boats, as they come and go. That is provided they stay out of trouble, use the official vessel-traffic-service channel as little as possible, and answer them when they do call. Dublin Harbour is at the mouth of the River Liffey as it enters Dublin Bay.

The Ebbs and Flows of St George’s Channel

St George’s ChannelSt George’s Channel separates Ireland from the United Kingdom as it ebbs and flows between the Celtic and the Irish Sea. Take care for choppy overfalls near the Bailey of Howth where the River Liffey merges, and the wind blows against the tide. You may also experience choppy water when the tide is ebbing out past Poolbeg Lighthouse on the Great South Sea Wall.

Entering Via the Bailey of Howth

Assuming fair weather, you can enter from the north or south through either the Muglin or the Dalkey Sound. At this point, you need to establish contact with the port authorities using channel twelve. Listen attentively to what they say, remembering not to block their radio frequency with idle chatter.

Head directly for the Poolbeg Lighthouse. Remain outside the buoys that mark the main channel. If you don’t, there’s a chance a high speed catamaran or larger ship could catch you unawares. Things are more relaxed once past the North Bank Light. Cross over to the south channel. Keep a weather eye for ferries arriving and departing, and activity at the container terminal.

The Poolbeg Marina Your Safe Haven

The Poolbeg Yacht Club and Marina is the only practical mooring for visiting sailboats. The have 100 secure and fully-serviced moorings. They also boast a brand-new clubhouse where you can relax, meet other members, and exchange tips for navigating St George’s Channel. The deck has great views across the River Liffey to savour a Guinness. Then you can stroll across into the heart of Dublin’s friendly city, and enjoy a genuine Irish stew of turnips, potatoes, onions, neck mutton chops and stock.