Welcome to our website, here you can find a lots of information about sailing and boats in general. We have had a long fascination with everything regarding life on the waters, so we thought that we should put together some of this information and make a website.

Today more and more people are getting interested in sailing. It used to be a sport for the rich but today anyone can participate, it can for example be a lot cheaper to rent a sail boat with a skipper for a whole week than it would be to stay at a hotel, at least if you are more than just a few people sharing the boat.

Much of this website will be about sailing in Ireland, but even if you plan to sail in very different waters we hope that our tips, tricks and suggestions will be valuable to you anyway.

So even though we spend most of our time sailing around Ireland, we are also big fans of more exciting sailing, not that sailing of the Irish coast is in any way dull. The biggest thing that any sailor can do is of course to circumvent the whole globe, unfortunately none of us has done that yet, but some day it will happen and then you will be able to read about it here.

If you are just starting out with sailing, it might be a bit intimidating, som people seem think that there are hundreds of things to keep in mind, but it’s not that bad. The main thing to keep in mind is to not get the boom on your head and to show caution to the boats around you. We are no trying to say that everything is easy, but if the boat is of a reasonable size, it’s something that everyone can learn.